Living The Dream Life Needs Brains, Beauty Maybe a Plus – yes we are talking about Marilyn

Marilyn is living, breathing, and thriving evidence that beauty with brains can…

Outrage Erupted in Response To The Queerphobic Incident At DF Malan High School During Pride Month

Fights against DF Malan Secondary School have ejected via web-based media. A message was gotten last night from the Instagram account

Meet Sheldon Cooper, A South African With Two Degrees

Hjalmar Rall, nicknamed “Sheldon Cooper” in South Africa, is a 18-year-old physical science move on from Pretoria College (UP).

Malawi Court To Rule On SA Witnesses In Shepherd Bushiri Extradition Hearing

Shepherd Bushiri, a self-declared prophet, and his significant other, Mary, will learn on Tuesday whether South African state observers will affirm

Eskom Emergency Reserves Were Depleted: This is Where The Load Shedding Schedule Can Be Found

South Africans will encounter planned power outages from Wednesday morning to Sunday night. Eskom has declared that charging shedding

She Pays Tribute To Kanye West And Declares Her Love For Him. Forever And Ever Kanye West Receives Payment From Kim Kardashian

During an unexpected turn of events, Kim Kardashian posted a photo on Instagram with the caption “I’ll love Kanye West for the rest of my life

Despite Reports Of Hospitalisation, FW De Klerk’s Health Did Not Deteriorate

In spite of reports that previous President FW de Klerk was hospitalized, the FW de Klerk Establishment asserts that there has been no “perceptible

The Company Is Unable To Complete The Woman Who Gives Birth To Ten Babies

– The public authority said on Tuesday that it couldn’t affirm whether a Gauteng couple did, indeed, have ten kids, as recently announced. (Woman)

England 1-0 Romania Highlights

Since West Germany lost 1-0 presently before the 1968 Euros, Britain’s last match didn’t lose in any of the last 19 turnouts (W15 D4) (Romania)