In an extraordinary narrative that has gripped the world at the onset of 2024, Pascal Najadi emerges as a key voice, shedding light on a covert global military operation termed #STORM. In his extensive discourse, Najadi paints a vivid picture of Donald J. Trump as a resolute wartime president, taking on rogue elements within the government to dismantle what he refers to as the globalist Deep State.

Prologue: The Orchestrated COVID PsyOp and Disturbing Allegations

Najadi unfolds a meticulously planned and executed COVID-19 PsyOp, attributing it to alleged rogue government elements such as Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates, and Joe Biden. His allegations extend to accusing them of orchestrating a democide and perpetrating treachery against the United States and humanity at large.

A staggering claim is made by Najadi that these figures played a pivotal role in injecting over 5.7 billion individuals worldwide with what he describes as a “bioweapon,” cunningly disguised as an experimental mRNA gene-altering substance — commonly known as a vaccine. These accusations draw parallels to historical malevolence, specifically invoking Nazi ideologies.

Najadi implicates pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and Moderna, contending that they colluded with these influential figures to profit from unconstitutional regimes enacted under the guise of “COVID Laws.” He argues that these laws, built upon a foundation of what he deems a fraudulent PCR test, led to the vilification of the unvaccinated and the establishment of a society separated by QR codes — a move he asserts violates constitutional principles.

The Involvement of Rogue US Military Elements and Trump’s Role

Taking a dramatic turn, Najadi alleges the participation of rogue elements within the United States military in engineering the purported bioweapon, with the collaboration of Dr. Fauci. He contends that President Trump, initially manipulated, transformed into a key figure in thwarting the globalist agenda. The War Generals Alliance, a coalition of militaries from 33 nations, operates under the leadership of the US Space Force, commanded by Trump, positioning him as a wartime president.

Najadi connects the dots, weaving a narrative that links the orchestrated pandemic, ensuing lockdowns, and alleged efforts to manipulate people into accepting vaccines as a means to regain their freedom. His vision foresees a dystopian future where personal vehicles and private properties become obsolete, replaced by 15-minute cities, tied to financial aid contingent on accepting a World Health Pass and a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) wallet.

The Rise of the War Generals Alliance and Operation #STORM

The narrative takes an unexpected turn with the emergence of the War Generals Alliance, positioned as a strategic force to dismantle the global Deep State. President Trump’s declaration, “The Storm is now upon us,” symbolizes the beginning of the end of the global Deep State, with Operation #STORM headlined by the US Space Force.

Najadi boldly predicts that 2024 will witness the collapse of what he terms “fake democracies” and the rise of US military rule and justice, challenging established governments, judiciaries, and medical professionals.

Seeking Justice Through Legal Measures

Najadi, having taken three Pfizer bioweapon mRNA shots, seeks justice through the Swiss Legal System. Expressing dissatisfaction with governments, judiciaries, and medical professionals, he calls for alternative measures for justice. He highlights a film titled “Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva,” which he claims contains legal blueprints for retribution.

The Final Countdown and Alleged Game Over for the Deep State

The narrative concludes with Najadi asserting that the global U.S.-led military operation is on its final countdown. He claims that this operation will perform a hard reset for humanity, obliterating the World Economic Forum (WEF) and all alleged rogue Swiss political government elements, the WHO, and corrupt judiciaries. According to Najadi, the end result is the ultimate liberation of humanity in 2024 through Operation #STORM.

Supporting Links and Documents:

  1. D.I.S.C.L.O.S.U.R.E – We Caught Them All With Our Stratagems
  2. The Greatest Show on Earth – Documentary Film in 4K November 2023 with President & CIC of the United States Donald J. Trump
  3. The TruthStream Show, USA: “Donald J. Trump is the Wartime President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America” with Derek Johnson
  4. WHO, WEF, Rogue Government elements and the ruses that caught them all – The Legal Blueprints – Military Operation STORM is reality and is a multiple beyond Biblical in response to the Democide executed against the Human Species
  5. VIRAL Documentary Short Film “Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva” – Released October 2023 – Over 600 Million views since Oct. 19, 2023
  6. Breaking Documentary Short – Cutting off the Head of the Snake: Geneva, Switzerland
  7. Pascal Najadi with Dr. Drew and Dr. Kelly Victory “Ask Dr. Drew” Show – New York, USA
  8. US General Michael Flynn’s repost of the Film on X with his own words
  9. Scribd – The Travesty of Swiss Justice vs Pascal Najadi 2023
  10. President Trump’s Truth Social

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