Shepherd Bushiri, a self-declared prophet, and his significant other, Mary, will learn on Tuesday whether South African state observers will affirm actually in their removal case.


Capital FM Malawi

As per Capital FM Malawi, Officer Patrick Chirwa saved his choice on Friday after the State mentioned that the observers affirm through video as opposed to face to face.

He was planned to convey his choice all things considered at the Lilongwe Judge Court on Tuesday.

The protection had a problem with the solicitation, asserting that it was not lawfully upheld.

On Friday, Bushiri communicated disillusionment that the observers couldn’t show up face to face, and he dismissed the public authority’s case that the observers were not brought under the steady gaze of the court.


The magnetic minister and his better half are needed in South Africa on misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance charges identified with a R100 million venture plan.

The ICC chiefs were captured in South Africa, yet escaped to Malawi after a bail was truly, guaranteeing that they were undependable in South Africa.

In the wake of being captured in October, they were delivered on R200 000 bail by the Pretoria Officer’s Court on November fourth.

They were just permitted to visit Gauteng and North West while on bail until the case was settled. The couple claims a lodging in Rustenburg, South Africa’s northwest corner.

They went to Malawi police after Interpol gave a capture warrant.

Lilongwe Judge Viva Nyimba delivered her genuinely, expressing that her capture in Malawi was unlawful because of the absence of a conventional South African application.

The couple must be brought to court, not detained.

From that point forward, Pretoria has officially mentioned that the couple be gotten back to Africa for burglary, extortion, imitation, and resistance with the details of their bail.

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