Shona Ferguson celebrated his 48th birthday on April 30, and his wife shared a sweet and moving tribute to him on her Instagram account.

Connie Ferguson, a South African actress, filmmaker, and businesswoman, paid a birthday tribute to her husband Shona Ferguson on her Instagram page.


They married two months after meeting in Connie’s house in 2001, two months after their beautiful daughter Alicia Ferguson was born in 2002.

Ferguson Films was founded in 2010 by Shona and Connie. Rockville, iGazi, The Gift, The Throne, The Herd, The Queen, The River, and The Imposter were among their previous hits in South Africa.

Shona turned 48 on April 30, and his wife shared a sweet and touching tribute with him on her Instagram account.

“Lord, I just wanted to thank you for my husband, my best friend, my cousin, my baby daddy, my EVERYTHING partner!” The birthday message is read aloud. He doesn’t care for clothes, but that’s fine! So long as he behaves properly in public.


“Happy birthday, SKAT!” I adore you more than I could ever express in words! Thank you so much for always being available! God bless you beyond your wildest imagination.”

Connie then shared a video of Shona’s traditional happy birthday song with the production team from her popular Mzansi Magic Show The Queen on her Instagram page.

“Good day, Mr. Sho!” Connie transcribed the post. MY LOVE, have a lovely day. “Everyone from the Queen.”

“I love the crew,” Shona said in a comment on the post, thanking the team for their warm wishes. He’s an adult. He’s an adult. Thank you very much, FAMILY. Thank you very much.

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