This public statement is given by me as Secretary General of the African Public Congress (ANC).


ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa

I got a letter from Companion Jessie Duarte, Agent Secretary General, suspending me for a six-month time frame. I comprehend that this letter was shipped off me in light of the Public Working Board of trustees’ choice on Monday, 3 May 2021, to briefly suspend all individuals accused of showing up in court on charges under Rules 25.70 and 13.

Comparative letters have been shipped off other relatives who have been influenced similarly.

Clearly the Appointee Secretary General comes up short on the position to issue such letters. Accordingly, the letter is lethally imperfect, if not unlawful. Besides, these letters depend on a particular and factional understanding of the appropriate Goal.

I’m writing to advise you that I will record a prompt and formal allure against this sacred suspension. Accordingly, my suspension is totally suspended under the ANC Constitution until my allure is heard and a ultimate choice is declared.


Ace Magashule Suspended Him

For decency and equity, I, the Secretary-General, ask all influenced friends to follow the pertinent inner allure systems, as I’m liable for maintaining the ANC Constitution and every single managerial technique. Thus, all concerned individuals’ suspensions are promptly lifted as per the ANC Constitution.

I additionally immediately suspended Cyril Ramaphosa, Leader of the ANC, as per the forces assigned to me as Secretary General of the ANC, just as the important Gathering Goals.

This is done as per Goal 8.2 of the 54th Public Gathering, which states: “… Each chief blamed for or answered to be associated with degenerate practices should promptly answer to the Honesty Advisory group or face a DC cycle.”

Goal 8.3 additionally requires the suspension of “…individuals who neglect to give a worthy clarification or who willfully pull out from disciplinary, analytical, or indictment procedures.”

I approach all individuals from the African Public Congress to act with progressive nobility and regard, and to maintain the ANC Constitution; nobody should surrender to unlawful or illegal activities; and in doing as such, we should safeguard the ANC’s solidarity as society’s chief.

On various events, the NEC/NWC examined and settled issues concerning the execution of meeting goals.

“ANC Believability AND Honesty: Managing Debasement,” Gathering Goal 5411>

Conference Resolution

Property was deciphered and perused in this unique circumstance, and the gathering goal expresses that all units accused of or answered to be associated with degenerate practices should be removed or suspended right away.

You were advised to the Directorate of Genuine Offenses, and the issue of fixed CR 17 records was raised both previously and during the 54-day time frame.

On 3 May 2021, the NWC educated all individuals, including yourself, to send letters to them expressing that their brief suspension was to the greatest advantage of the Association, as per Rule 25.70 read alongside Rule 13.

Secretaries at all levels will be considered responsible as per Goals (8) of the 5411> Public Meeting for any inability to make a move or allude instances of debasement or other unfortunate behavior to suitable constructions under the ANC Set of principles.

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