JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – Bonang Matheba distributed a lawful letter to a telecaster on Sunday evening, blaming her for spreading her falsehoods.


SA Music Podcast Recorded

Matheba asserted in a letter from Thompson Wilks, dated 16 May 2021, that Rea Gopane dishonestly blamed her for acquainting cocaine with performer Kiernan ‘Also known as’ Forbes.

On May ninth, Blvck Steph, Gopane, and Everything SA Music Podcast recorded a webcast and a video wherein they made the claims about Forbes’ life partner, Anele Tembe.

“Scoop disclosed to us that it’s AKA on [cocaine], and Bonang is the individual who got it into cocaine,” he said in the viral video. He was alluding to a private discussion he had with entertainer Siyabonga Ngwekazi, otherwise called Scoop.

Tembe kicked the bucket in April subsequent to dropping out of a lodging window around there. Numerous bits of gossip have circled about whether the couple ended it all, and some case they were high on drugs at that point.

Tembe’s dad talked at her burial service about how South African youth were influenced by liquor and medications.

“The stunning suggestion that AKA’s sweetheart Anele ‘Nellie’ Tembe was killed on account of supposed cocaine use, with regards to what was examined in the video cut,” the letter expressed.


“The cases were slanderous and destructive, planned to embarrass and sabotage my customer’s standing.”

Bonang Matheba And R500,000 Connection

Gopane additionally realized the charges were bogus, as indicated by the attorney, and he “knew very well that, given my customer’s prominent, these assertions would be broadly seen.”

As per the legal counselors’ letters, Gopane should pay R500,000 in harms by 4 p.m. on Monday, notwithstanding a statement of regret on the entirety of his online media stages. If not, Matheba may look for a controlling request against him.

As indicated by the attorney, Gopane was reached and requested to give a full expression of remorse and withdraw, to which he concurred. In any case, no open expressions of remorse were given.

“You have not finished this undertaking by going into public stowing away and declining to react to messages or calls. You additionally declined to give your email address.”

It was additionally mentioned that an email address be given to keep away from a call by means of online media.

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