Jeff Bezos Stepping Down From CEO.

Standing by the seashore, the celebrity wrestler Dwayne Johnson and actor wrapped his arm around Inc. founder Jeff Bezos. Bezos, wearing sunglasses, smiled for a photo, which he then posted on Instagram. The men had just announced a deal with Amazon Studios for a film.

On Monday, Bezos, 57, will step down as CEO of Amazon. He’ll stay on as executive chairman and the company’s largest shareholder. His Instagram account shows he has plenty of other hobbies.

According to a recent post, the science fiction fan is planning a trip to suborbital space with his best friend and brother, Mark Bezos. In another, Bezos is driving an electric pickup truck built by Rivian, an Amazon-backed startup, through the desert wearing a cowboy hat to see a rocket capsule land.

Bezos, who has invested billions of dollars in his company Blue Origin to promote space tourism and infrastructure, has long been drawn to the final frontier. The venture’s first crewed flight will take off on July 20, just two weeks after Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic launched a new era of interplanetary travel.


Bezos appoints Andy Jassy, Amazon’s former cloud computing chief, to lead a company that is larger and more valuable than ever before.

Amazon’s culture has long been defined by Bezos, a hedge fund executive turned garage entrepreneur. Through business adages like “customer obsession” and “have backbone; disagree and commit,” as well as curt emails to his team bearing only a question mark.

Amazon and Jeff Bezos did not respond to requests for comment.

In an April letter to investors, Bezos stated that as executive chair, he would focus on new initiatives and making Amazon a better place to work. Employee dissatisfaction arose as a result of a failed unionisation campaign in Alabama.

Bezos has also met with government officials to promote his philanthropy. According to his posts, he discussed climate change with French President Emmanuel Macron. Gave Washington Governor Jay Inslee a tour of a homeless shelter.

He’s also had a good time with Katy Perry. Lil Nas X and Lizzo. “I just took a DNA test. Turns out I’m 100 percent @lizzobeeating’s biggest fan,” he wrote from the Super Bowl in 2020.

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