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What to look for when buying an LTE router

When signing up to an LTE data contract with one of South Africa’s leading mobile networks, if you are not planning on using the SIM card in your smartphone, you will need an LTE router to access your monthly data subscription. Some packages come with a free router, while others allow you to choose a


Redux: A Vocabulary for the Almost-Lost

My dog died this week. It was entirely without warning; she was fine Saturday and on Sunday she collapsed, and then she was gone. I am shattered. I am in a state of constant saudade, a Portuguese word meaning the feeling of longing for something or someone you love that has been lost forever. I

The Internet Protection Agency, Content Moderation Division

A Facebook content moderator is suing the social network for psychological trauma after watching thousands of hours of toxic and disturbing content. “There is no long-term support plan when these content moderators leave. They are just expected to melt back into the fabric of society.” -“An online decency moderator’s advice: Blur your eyes”, Jane Wakefield, BBC

Canada Goose, American Dream

In the fall of 1969, somewhere in Ohio, scientists put a numbered plastic tag around the leg of a one year-old, female Canada goose, and released it into the wild. When it was eventually shot down in Ontario, in 2001, it was 33 years old — the oldest Canada goose to be recorded in the United States Geological Survey’s archive of bird longevity. 

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EU assessing 5G security risks that could see Huawei excluded

The European Union said it may deem certain 5G suppliers a security risk, noting that Chinese law requires domestic companies to collaborate with intelligence agencies. “It is indeed possible that we reach the conclusion that in some cases, some products, services and suppliers are deemed unsafe,” EU Security Commissioner Julian King told reporters on Friday.

Vika Mpisane fired as ZADNA CEO

The .ZA Domain Name Authority (ZADNA) has announced that Vika Mpisane has been terminated as the organisation’s CEO. Mpisane’s firing was effective from 16 July 2019. This comes after a lengthy disciplinary process which began in January. Motlatjo Ralefatane, the chairperson of ZADNA’s board, announced Mpisane’s axing in a letter sent to members of the

Qualcomm fined for predatory pricing

Qualcomm Inc. was fined 242 million euros ($272 million) by European Union antitrust regulators for deliberately pricing some chips so low they could eliminate a smaller rival. The penalty comes a year after Qualcomm was ordered to pay 997 million euros for thwarting rival suppliers to Apple Inc. The EU said Thursday’s fine was 1.27%

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World News

Portugal wildfires: Huge blazes force evacuations

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSome people attempted to extinguish fires near their homes Hundreds of firefighters have been deployed to central Portugal where several wildfires have forced people to flee their homes. One person has suffered serious injuries. At least seven firefighters have also been hurt. Helicopters and planes have been

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