Tommy Dorfman Comes Out As Trans Woman!

Dorfman reintroduced herself as a trans woman on social media, writing, “My pronouns are she/her.” “I’m especially grateful to every trans person who came before me and walked this path, broke down barriers, and put their lives on the line to live authentically and radically as themselves. “Thank you to all the trans women who taught me who I am, how to live, how to celebrate myself, and how to take up space in this world,” she wrote. Tommy, who portrayed Ryan Shaver on “13 Reasons Why,” spoke with Time and said,

“I’ve been privately identifying and living as a woman — a trans woman — for a year now.

“It’s funny to think about coming out,” she continued, “because I haven’t gone anywhere.” “After making a medical transition, I see today as a reintroduction to myself as a woman.” Coming out is always portrayed as a big reveal, but I was always out. Today is about being clear about who I am: I am a trans woman. She/her are my pronouns. “Tommy is my name.”

Dorfman went on to say that she wanted to show the world what transitioning looks like, and that she has been documenting her transition on Instagram for the past few months.

However, I recognise that transitioning is a lovely thing. Why not show the rest of the world what that looks like?” she stated “Instead, I kept a diaristic time capsule on Instagram, one that depicts a body living in a more fluid space.” However, as a public figure, I’ve learned that refusing to clarify can rob me of my ability to control my own narrative.

Tommy Dorfman Reintroduces Herself: "I Am a Trans Woman" - PAPER

There has been a lot of talk about my body as a result of this, its overwhelming..

“This is an evolution of Tommy. I’m becoming more Tommy.””I love my name, I want to keep my name and give new life to my name,” she continued. “I’m really proud of the person that I was, too. I think that’s important to acknowledge. I’m proud of who I’ve been for the last however many years.”

GLAAD responded to the news on Thursday with a statement, saying Dorfman’s public announcement will inspire many young people.”Tommy Dorfman sharing that she’s a transgender woman will inspire so many trans young people and also reminds us that when it comes to queer identity there is not a specific timeline or roadmap to follow,” GLAAD’s Head of Talent Anthony Allen Ramos said.

“Tommy received GLAAD’s Rising Star Award in 2017 for using her platform to draw attention to important issues affecting LGBTQ people, and she continues that work at a time when the trans community is facing attacks in states all over the country.

Tommy is a talented artist, and we look forward to the stories that she will tell about the trans community.”


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