No, R. Kelly was not delivered from jail, in spite of tales that coursed via web-based media on Thursday morning (June 3). The disappointed R&B vocalist is currently being held at the Metropolitan Restorative Place in Illinois for two separate preliminaries in Chicago and New York on an assortment of genuine allegations.


Kelly Was Delivered From Cook District Prison

On Thursdays, be that as it may, a Twitter account tweeted Kelly’s photograph, which had all the earmarks of being in a prison with Steven Greenberg, an attorney. “R Kelly is outside,” the client inscribed the post. Some hypothesized that the tweet was in light of Kelly’s endeavor to be delivered from jail during the earlier year due to the Covid pandemic.

Be that as it may, as another client brought up, Kelly was delivered from Cook District Prison in 2019 in the wake of neglecting to pay youngster support. A few supporters likewise found that the photograph was outdated, having first showed up in Quite a while Association in 2019.


“For the record, R Kelly is as yet in jail,” a Twitter client composed. “His preliminary was booked for April, however it was allegedly delayed because of Coronavirus. He is booked to stand preliminary in two urban areas: Chicago and New York. This photo was taken in 2019. He’ll leave after he’s done paying his kid support.”

Kelly’s hearings were rescheduled a few times while imprisoned at the Metropolitan Remedial Center. In case of a pandemic deferral, his case in Chicago is booked for preliminary on September thirteenth. RE VOLT expressed that jury choice for the preliminary would start in September, however the date for the preliminary is “not unchangeable” due to Covid.

Kelly was additionally planned to stand preliminary in Brooklyn in April, however the preliminary was deferred because of the pandemic. During a far off hearing, US Locale Judge Ann Donnelly rescheduled the case for August ninth.

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