Dr. Taleb Rifai, President Alain St.Ange, and President Cuthbert Ncube of the Africa Tourist Board wished the Tourist Community of every one of the 54 African nations a Happy Day in 2021.


As indicated by the African Tourism Board, “the African Union has proclaimed 2021 the AU Year of Arts, Culture, and Patrimony: switches to assemble the Africa We Want.” ‘Seeing as the Council of African Tourism invites that call, we ask each African traveler to acknowledge the AU’s call on the grounds that human expressions, culture, and legacy of the mainland stay the establishment of our landmass’ solid the travel industry,’ said the African Tourism Committee 2021.


“The pandemic Covid-19 has put an end to our tourism industry, and we can only honestly restart it for every African through UNITY, first, and RESPECT, second. The desire to unite and respect requires us to take pride in being Africans as we urge our fellow men and women, regardless of political affiliation, skin colour, gender, or religious beliefs, to unite and kick-start tourism for the greatest benefit of our country and our mainland.” Ncube, Rifai, and St.Ange make their declarations.

“The pandemic Coronavirus has stopped our travel industry, and we can just genuinely restart it for each African through Solidarity, first, and Regard, second. The longing to join together and regard expects us to invest wholeheartedly in being Africans as we encourage our kindred people, paying little mind to political association, skin tone, sexual orientation, or strict convictions, to join together and launch the travel industry for the best advantage of our country and our terrain.” Ncube, Rifai, and St.Ange make their assertions.

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