Adam Levine says of Jordi’s song, “I think it’s one of those weird ones that just captures everything the band stands for, all in one song.”

Maroon 5 performed a virtual performance of their new song “Lost” from their recently released new album Jordi on The Late Show on Friday.

“‘Lost’ is actually, I think, one of my favourites we’ve ever done,” frontman Adam Levine told Apple Music. It’s like, honestly, one of those strange ones that just captures everything the band stands for in one song. I think this is a classic sound that we’ve always had, whether you liked us back then, whether you like us now, or whether you’ll like us later.”

“And the song, the lyrics were actually really kind of a cool. It was just kind of, it was a great process and I worked a lot,” Levine continued. I recall that these lyrics took a long time to write, and that has now become the most important contribution I believe I made to any record.”

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Exciting Collaborations Maroon 5 has made in “JORDI”

Stevie Nicks, Tainy, and Anuel AA, as well as late rappers Juice Wrld and Nipsey Hussle, make appearances on Jordi, which is named after Maroon 5’s late manager Jordan Feldstein.

“I believe we should tread lightly on that as well. I think the album, being themed the way it is and the times being what they are, and these tragic losses that in a lot of ways, just nobody saw coming, it could be in poor taste to make certain moves, depending on if you don’t know the whole storey,” Levine said of featuring the late rappers on Apple Music.

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So I believe we gave it a lot of thought when it came to things like the Juice and Nipsey situations. We deliberated for months, if not years in some cases. To ensure that we did everything we could. I mean, the Juice incident seemed like it happened yesterday, and we recorded the song, but I never met him. And knowing how incredible that would have been makes me really sad. I just felt like we did it in the most logical, heartfelt, and sincere ways possible.”

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