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Redux: Science Metaphors (cont.): Arctic Resignation

The Svalbard archipelago, midway between continental Norway and the North Pole, is famous for its polar bears, but it is also home to the distinctive (and distinctively adorable) Svalbard reindeer. Shaggy-haired and stubby-legged, the Svalbard reindeer is not only the world’s smallest subspecies of reindeer but also the world’s northernmost herbivorous mammal, and its survival

Abstruse Goose: Wretched Intellect

There’s a kind of unassailable, depressing logic to this that drives me to despair of the entire human project. So I thought I would share it broadly! Perhaps someone can point me to a counterargument (preferably in cartoon format). —- https://abstrusegoose.com/276

Second synesthesia

if you are thirsty for water but not water remember all the places that say its shape. * the river confluence of your palmlines * the tributaries of cracked leaf held to light * the braiding-in streams of antler, dropped at autumn’s bend into winter: water, shed. * and if you are cold, in that

Year of the Cat

We’ve had a number of cats around here over the last year, roamers and strays. Two we brought in and three, the feral ones, came on their own. A little more than a year ago, a barn cat showed up at a friend’s ranch an hour from where we live in southwest Colorado. It was

Can’t Find It

Google is mighty, everybody says so.  Like, nobody needs a library for anything. Like, my flight was delayed and the airline’s app was informative but needed 68 clicks so I googled the airline and the flight number, and Google not only told me first click straightup what the current delay was but also the expected

Ice skating: an overanalysis

Skating monster by Hieronymus Bosch, Wikimedia Commons  “This is a nightmare,” I said to my boyfriend as we walked up to a skating rink in El Dorado Hills, California. The “Family Friendly Winter Wonderland” was in a shopping mall surrounded by faux-Tuscan mansions, and the rink was packed from barrier to barrier. Pete promised peppermint

New Person of LWON

May we introduce Emily Underwood, to whom you’ve already been introduced because for years she’s been writing guest posts here, like the one about her suicidal hamster. She writes about neuroscience, the environment, mental health, and of course everything else. Her bio is here; her first official post is tomorrow, 1/3/2018. She’s one of the

2019: Not Totally Garbage So Far

I had some trouble with the state of the world in 2018. As a result, I’ve been having trouble figuring out what to write for this blog. (I wrote about this problem in October.) Christie suggested “beginnings” as a topic for today’s blog post, and I noodled around a while on that. But when I

Redux: Naturalist Without a Notebook

Once again, I was thinking that this year would be my year to keep a journal. Or a calendar. I spent a lot of time looking at various new options online, thinking that perhaps some clean fresh pages in a new format would help. Then I remembered this post, which first appeared in 2014. One

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