Courtesy: Nicholas Hunt| Robert Kraft, Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Michael Rubin

Rappers Jay-Z and Meek Mill were among a group of celebrities who surprised billionaire mogul Robert Kraft on his 80th birthday with a rare Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible valued at $240,000.
Meek Mill shared a video of Instagram’s surprise presentation on Monday. In the video, Kraft’s billionaire friend Michael Rubin shows him his most recent high-end gift from the New England Patriots owner.

Kraft co-founded the Reform Alliance with Mill, Jay-Z, and Rubin several years ago to transform probation and parole since its inception in 2019.

Kraft appears surprised to learn that he is attempting to purchase the vehicle in question.

“Oh my God! How the fudge did you get it? We couldn’t get it,”

According to Kraft, the luxury car was given to Rubin by Jay Z, Meek Mill, and others before he said anything about it. The word for today is Kraft. This is what Kraft exclaimed in the video.

Robert Kraft: Relations With Rubin, Jay-Z, And Meek Mill

Kraft is well-known for his friendships with Rubin, Jay-Z, and Meek Mill. The 80-year-old and Rubin joined the REFORM Alliance, a criminal justice organization, in 2019. Kraft paid a visit to Meek Mill in prison in 2018, advocating for his release and changes to the criminal justice system. Because of a parole violation, the Philadelphia rapper was returned to prison.

Rapper Jay-Z and Meek Mill ended up gifting Robert Kraft a brand new Bentley
Rapper Jay-Z and Meek Mill ended up gifting Robert Kraft a brand new Bentley

“It makes it clear to me that we have to do something with criminal justice reform,”

According to ESPN this is what Kraft said at that time.

“His kind of case, in a situation like this, it’s really bad. I know some of our players in the NFL have talked about this and I see it firsthand; it’s just wrong. We have to find a way to correct it.”

Kraft added during his interview with ESPN.

Despite their friendship and the generous act on Sunday, some on social media questioned the rappers’ contribution to the billionaire’s high-end vehicle.

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