Ad Regulators, The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) of South Africa stated in its most recent ruling that a radio advertisement for Plus One sex toys accompanied by a “seductive” female voice may expose children to inappropriate sexual content.

A female voice can be heard saying, “Note to self: You’re rocking the self-love thing, you feel sexy in your skin, and Plus One is total bliss,” in the radio commercial, which aired at 20:00 on K-FM in Cape Town.

The most recent ARB dispute focused on the woman’s voice, which was perceived as seductive, and the fact that the commercial was broadcast without warning at a time when children might have been listening.

The manufacturers and advertisers of Plus One sex toys declined to defend the commercial in advance of the ARB’s decision.

Because it was scheduled to air at various times during the afternoon and early evening, the ARB’s directorate determined that the advertisement violated advertising ethics.

It was not allowed to air during non-watershed hours or when adult-oriented mature programming was not allowed.

According to the ARB, the advertisement, while not extreme or pornographic, goes into greater detail than typical sex toys advertisements.

The ARB stated in its ruling that the words “self-love,” “your lover,” and “sexy” would pique the interest of a young child.

According to the ARB, inviting listeners to Google the products has a negative impact.

The ARB stated, “There is a risk that a curious child will do so and be directed to additional sexually explicit content.”

“In the case of potential harm to children, it is better to err on the side of caution, and there is a real risk that children may be exposed to inappropriate content between the evocative language and the invitation to learn more.”

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