Aubrey, a New Yorker, has a fairly popular TikTok account with nearly 19,000 followers, and her posts, which are frequently about travel, typically attract a couple of thousand viewers. Here Is more to know about Apple Pay.

However, a trip to South Africa catapulted her into viral territory, with one video receiving over 1.5 million views, another approaching 340,000, and a third exceeding 200,000.

And she’s “going viral for all the right reasons,” according to the website GoodThingsGuy, which broke the story earlier this week.

Aubrey explains in the video the three things she misjudged about South Africa: she thought she’d need cash, but discovered Apple Pay is accepted everywhere; she thought gay people would have to “be a bit more closeted,” but discovered gay people are accepted everywhere; and she thought transportation would be difficult, but discovered Uber is ubiquitous.

Her explanation of three South African words she learned: “kak,” “garage” rather than “service station,” and how to pronounce “Johannesburg” like an old German is also popular.

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