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Cool Ideas hit by DDoS attack

Cool Ideas has stated on its website that it experienced a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on its network today. “We are currently experiencing a distributed denial of service attack that is affecting all customers on our network’s international traffic,” the ISP said this afternoon. “Customers will experience intermittent connectivity loss and degraded performance

DStv Now downtime caused by too many people logging in

DStv has provided insight into what caused its DStv Now service to experience downtime during the Springboks versus New Zealand rugby world cup match today. “We would like to apologise to some of our DStv Now customers who were unable to access the platform for the Springbok RWC match against the All Blacks,” said the

DStv Now hit by downtime

DStv has apologised to users of DStv Now – its online streaming service – for downtime at the start of the Springboks’ rugby world cup game against New Zealand. DStv stated on Twitter that it apologises for the inconvenience caused by the downtime. “Our tech team was informed of this issue and it was resolved,”

Digital Transformation – Beyond the buzzwords

By Andre Kannemeyer, National CTO at Duxbury Networking Digital transformation is one of today’s biggest buzzwords and depending on who you ask, you will almost always get a different answer. In short, digital transformation is the application of technology to create new services and processes by leveraging the convergence of people, processes and networked things.

Top 10 smartphones with the best battery life – South African pricing

Modern smartphones boast a variety of powerful features, including high-resolution displays, LTE connectivity, and complex operating systems. All of these features draw a serious amount of power, however, making battery life one of the most important factors to consider when buying a new smartphone. Many new devices include software tools and hardware-related fixes to extend

Vodacom Tanzania warns about SIM card registration deadline

Tanzania’s largest telecommunications operator, Vodacom Tanzania Ltd., warned that a government directive for the registration of all SIM card owners before the end of the year could affect its operations negatively. The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority told operators it will not extend the deadline even with only 12% of the East African nation’s subscribers currently

Chinese chipmakers soar on 5G ambitions

China’s ambitions for next-generation wireless networks have propelled the country’s two leading printed circuit boards makers to new heights. The party may just be getting started. Jiangsu-based WUS Printed Circuit Kunshan Co. and Shenzhen-based Shennan Circuits Co. shot to record highs on Friday, capping a stunning months-long run on anticipation of billions of dollars in

Beware fake LTE resellers in South Africa

Users on the MyBroadband forum recently discovered a local fixed-LTE provider offering “Premium Uncapped LTE” for R699 per month. The deal ostensibly includes 24-hour uncapped mobile data, although there is a fair usage policy of 1TB imposed, after which the company states that your connection will be limited to 5Mbps. This deal is offered through

Apple Arcade – South African details

Apple Arcade is now available on the South African App Store with iOS 13, and is priced at R84.99 per month. The iStore announced the launch, stating that South African users can now access an all-new way to enjoy games. “Apple Arcade allows users unlimited access to the entire catalogue of over 100 new, exclusive

Google to invest $3 billion in European data centres

Google will invest 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) over the next two years to expand its server farms across Europe. The investments take its total spend on European data centres to 15 billion euros since 2007, Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai told reporters in Helsinki on Friday following a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister

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