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Broadband in South Africa – Cheap for some, expensive for others

Point Topic released its Q2 2019 residential broadband tariffs report, which shows that there is a very large difference between entry-level, average, and high-end broadband prices in South Africa.

Point Topic’s residential broadband report compares the entry-level, median, and average residential broadband tariffs in 83 countries.

To ensure like-for-like comparisons, Point Topic used purchasing power parities (PPP) data to compare broadband prices between countries.

The report reveals that Venezuela, Iran, and Ukraine have the most affordable broadband services in the world, while Mauritania, Oman, and the UAE are the most expensive.

South African broadband prices

Point Topic’s Q2 2019 residential broadband tariffs report shows that South Africa has affordable entry-level broadband products, ranked at number 6 in the world.

The country’s median and average fixed-broadband prices, however, far are more expensive. The country ranked 69th and 68th in these categories respectively.

This big difference between entry-level and average broadband prices is clearly illustrated in South Africa’s broadband pricing variance.

South Africa has the second-highest broadband pricing variance in the world, which shows a big difference in entry-level, average, and high-end broadband prices in a country.

Point Topic Q2 2019 broadband tariff country scorecard

Point Topic’s broadband tariff country scorecard is shown below, with the countries at the top of the chart offering the best median tariffs.

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