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5G likely to interfere with weather satellites – US Navy

A memo issued by the US Navy warned that 5G networks are probably going to interfere with the operation of weather satellites.

The memo said that as a result of this issue, naval operations will suffer a “probable degradation of weather and ocean models, resulting in increased risk in Safety of Flight and Safety of Navigation.”

NOAA and NASA conducted studies which showed interference in passive collection from the adjacent 5G band, and expected that this interference could cause a loss of remotely-sensed water vapour measurements.

The memo recommends that the FCC tighten out-of-band interference by lessening the limits of bleed-over to -57dB.

US Senators Ron Wyden and Maria Cantwell have written to FCC chairman Ajit Pai requesting that he delay the issuing of licences until the recommended passive band protection limits are met.

The senators said that Pai should alternatively provide evidence that the 24GHz 5G transmissions will not affect adjacent frequency bands by using “computer models, assumptions, and analysis.”

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